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Going concern

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Going Concern

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Going concern New challenges in a delicate process: Difficulties presented by FASB's going-concern standard This article examines the new going concern look-forward period, disparities with audit guidance, and a new triggering threshold.

The discussion with management about going concern issues helps the auditor to determine whether the use of the going concern assumption is likely to result in a significant risk of material misstatement and to plan audit procedures in response to such a risk.

To make your final going-concern assessment, you reconsider the company’s ability to remain in business. To make this evaluation, you check out negative financial trends and consider the effect that outside events have on the continuing success of the company.

The discussion with management about going concern issues helps the auditor to determine whether the use of the going concern assumption is likely to result in a significant risk of material misstatement and to plan audit procedures in response to such a. The going concern qualification is of great concern to lenders, since it is a major indicator of the inability of a company to pay back its debts.

Some lenders specify in their loan documents that a going concern qualification will trigger the acceleration of all remaining loan payments. The Auditor’s Consideration of an Entity’s Ability to Continue as a Going Concern* Source: SAS No. viewed as providing assurance as to an entity's ability to continue as a going concern.

Audit Procedures fects of the conditions and events and should plan and perform auditing pro-cedures to obtain audit evidence about them. For.

Business plan going concern audit
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